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Derrick Adams

Several sculptures are also on display for public use at the Rockefeller Plaza.

Derrick Adams is broadening his artistic practice through a new venture eponymously dubbed DERRICK ADAMS EDITIONS. Launched yesterday, the first release on the site draws from his Floater series of paintings, by bringing the black unicorn character to life.

FUNTIME UNICORN continues on Adams’ portrayal of Black people in various states of rest and play atop a pool float. Instead of the water, the Baltimore-born, Brooklyn-based artist invites users to sit atop the object much like a kid would ride a spring rider outside a market. At the core of the artwork is Adams’ hope that Black joy, love and play should be normalized and celebrated within pop culture.

As an edition of 30, plus 10 artist proofs, FUNTIME UNICORN is highly limited and is available to purchase via DERRICK ADAMS EDITIONS for $50,000 USD. The artwork measures 37 9/16” tall (seat is 21 1/8”), 43 7/16” long, 8” wide and is cast in aluminum, steel, aluminum alloy, alloy steel coil, stainless steel, and hand painted enamel.

Additionally, the artist has installed several FUNTIME UNICORN sculptures at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York for public display throughout the summer.

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