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Jacob Hashimoto

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About the Artist: Originally from Colorado, Jacob Hashimoto (b. 1973) studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is presently based in Ossining, New York. Hashimoto has been the subject of dozens of both group and solo exhibitions across the United States and Europe—including having work featured in major museums such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Site Santa Fe; and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. His practice is distinctly multidisciplinary, spanning sculpture, painting, and installation, with much of his work displaying a synthesis of craft and fine art techniques. Thematically, Hashimoto’s work maintains art historical roots—frequently influenced by the history and trajectory of abstraction and Modernism—while still asserting a decidedly contemporary penchant for the experimental and exploratory.

What You Need to KnowStudio la Città in Verona, Italy, is presenting the solo exhibition “Jacob Hashimoto: Noise,” which will be on view starting June 24 and running through September 16, 2023. The show will be the premier of a substantial new cycle of works on canvas that simultaneously reflect on the artist’s practice leading up to this body of work’s creation, as well as points to the direction of Hashimoto’s work moving forward. Of the exhibition gallery Founder Hélène de Franchis said, “I am particularly excited about this exhibition of Jacob Hashimoto’s paintings on canvas. I love the idea that Jacob often chooses my gallery for experiments, I consider this show the beginning of a new path, and I believe we will see something very special.”

Why We Like It: Though Hashimoto has employed painting in his practice consistently in his career, the new body of work going on view at Studio la Città marks the first time the artist has truly focused on the medium. Rather than use paint-and-canvas-based methods as a tool or accessory to a greater project, here, the work itself is the site of his artistic explorations. Many of the visual hallmarks of Hashimoto’s style can be seen, such as fundamental composition types and color fields, establishing this new approach as a continuation of—rather than a break from—his artistic endeavors. A series of paintings distinguished by their predominantly black-and-white palette, hung along the longest wall of the gallery, further the viewer’s ability to gain insight into Hashimoto’s intellectual and artistic strain of inquiry. Operating as a form of visual language, the artist’s impulses, intuitions, and ideas are translated into visual “Noise,” from which the exhibition draws its name.

Jacob Hashimoto: Noise” is on view at Studio La Città, Verona, June 24–September 16, 2023.

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