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Nathaniel Mary Quinn

Whether you want to call it Black History Month or as Ye has suggested, Black Future Month, we’d like to take each and every day to promote the incredible work being made by Black creators from around the globe. From the legendary prose of acclaimed novelist, Toni Morrison, Lubaina Himid’s theatrical compositions, to Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s disruptive portraiture — we picked our top exhibitions by prominent and emerging Black artists to see in 2022. 

Check out the list below and let us know your thoughts. Be sure to also check out and support the range of Black-owned galleries and museums near you.

Nathaniel Mary Quinn is currently showcasing his first solo exhibition in France at the Consortium Museum in Dijon. Known for his striking mixed-media portraiture, Quinn’s fictional subjects are constructed through a combination of magazine and art historical references, along with drawing on his own memories growing up in the Southside of Chicago.

For the show in France, the Brooklyn-based artist presents 15 large-scale paintings that unfold around The Director (2019). Quinn’s compositions are created intuitively, where the artist has noted that he often surprises himself in the process when recollecting certain erroneous figures from his traumatic childhood. 

Disjointed and mashed together, each portrait reflects the very jumbled nature of the subconscious — melding the legacy of early modernism with the reality of our post-internet age. Witness Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s eponymously named exhibition at Consortium Museum until May 22, 2022.

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