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Amanda Williams

The Chicago Architecture Biennial, a nonprofit that explores innovative ideas and the future of design, has announced the participants scheduled to showcase their work in the fifth edition of the exhibition. This year’s event, entitled This is Rehearsal, is scheduled to run from Sep. 21 to Jan. 2, 2024, and will welcome more than 70 worldwide artists, architects, and designers presenting their work at sites across the Chicago metropolitan area.

This edition of the biennial is curated by Floating Museum—a Chicago-based group of creatives, comprising Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford, Faheem Majeed, Andrew Schachman, and avery r. young, focused on fostering connections between art, architecture, community, and public institutions. This is a Rehearsal will host more than 100 installations and viewings centered on architecture’s role in improving urban life and collective health and wellness.

“Floating Museum considers the city as a framework for rehearsal, where the horizontal field of activity becomes a convivial palace for innovation, memory, and change,” the collaborative said in a press release. “In this view, individuals, community organizations, institutions, and municipal authorities are invited to participate as equals––which opens new possibilities for collaboration across disciplines, geographies, and histories. We are excited to have the opportunity to think together with an expanded network of artists, architects, designers, poets, filmmakers, anthropologists, historians, institutions, and civic leaders.”

The participants in this year's Chicago Architectural Biennial are:

Amanda Williams (Chicago, USA)
Amy Kulper + PROPS SUPPLY (London, United Kingdom)
Andrea Carlson (Chicago and Grand Marais, Minn., USA)
Andrea Yarbrough / House of Kapwa (Chicago, USA)
Anupama Kundoo Atelier GmbH (Berlin, Germany)
Asim Waqif (New Delhi, India)
Baerbel Mueller (Vienna, Austria and Accra, Ghana)
Barkow Leibinger (Berlin, Germany)
Black Reconstruction Collective (USA)
Botanical City (New York and Chicago, USA)
Camille Henrot (Paris, France, and New York, USA)
Candice Lin (Los Angeles, USA)
Carol Ross Barney with Ryan Gann and DuSable Park Design Alliance (Chicago, USA)
Cecil McDonald, Jr. (Chicago, USA)
ChartierDalix (Paris, France)
Chicago Black Dance Legacy Project (Chicago, USA)
Chris Bradley (Chicago, USA)
Chris T Cornelius of studio:indigenous (Albuquerque, N.M., USA)
Could Be Design (Chicago, USA)
Dan Peterman (Chicago, USA)
Deb Sokolow (Chicago, USA)
Depave Chicago + The Montessori School of Englewood (Chicago, USA)
Diana Al-Hadid (New York, USA)
Diane Simpson (Chicago, USA)
Dream The Combine (Ithaca, N.Y., and Minneapolis, USA)
Edra Soto (Chicago, USA)
Eve L. Ewing (Chicago, USA)
Feda Wardak (Paris, France)
Gamaliel Rodriguez (Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico)
Gelitin (Vienna, Austria)
Grow Greater Englewood (Chicago, USA)
Helmo (Paris, France)
Ibrahim Mahama (Accra, Kumasi, and Tamale, Ghana)
interim studio (Nora Akawi and Eduardo Rega Calvo) (New York, USA)
Institute for Computational Design and Construction, Prof. Achim Menges; Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design, Prof. Jan Knippers; ITECH & IntCDC Cluster of Excellence, University of Stuttgart, Germany (Stuttgart, Germany)
Jean Marie-Appriou (Paris, France)
Jeff Carter (Chicago, USA)
Jennifer Reeder and Adri Sitiwat (Chicago, USA)
Kane One / Graffiti Institute (Chicago, USA)
Keller Easterling (New York, USA)
Kiel Moe (New York, USA)
Larissa Fassler (Berlin, Germany)
Lauren Pacheco / Steel Studio (Chicago and Gary, Ind. USA)
Leticia Pardo (Chicago, USA and Mexico City, Mexico)
Limbo Accra (Accra, Ghana)
David Benjamin / The Living and GSAPP Footprint Project (New York, USA)
A Long Walk Home (Chicago, USA)
LOT-EK (New York, USA)
Modou Dieng Yacine (Chicago, USA)
Norman Teague Design Studios / Tonika Johnson / Max Davis / Ernest Wong Mejay Gula / Tanner Woodford (Chicago, USA)
Oren Pinhassi (New York, USA)
Paa Joe (Accra, Ghana)
Para Project (Amenia and Cambridge, Mass. USA)
Paul Ramírez Jonas (Ithaca, N.Y., USA)
Perry Kulper (Ann Arbor, Mich., USA)
Practice Landscape (Cambridge, Mass., USA)
Project Onward with Ricky Willis and Kareem Davis (Chicago, USA)
Red Clay Dance Company (Chicago, USA)
Roy Kinsey (Chicago, USA)
Ruth de Jong (Livingston, Mont., USA)
Saay|yaas (Praia, Cape Verde)
Samuel Levi Jones, LAA Office, and Sam Van Aken (Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, and Syracuse, N.Y., USA)
site / site design group, ltd. (Chicago, USA)
SKETCH (Panama City, Panamá)
Slo ‘Mo (Chicago, USA)
SpaceShift (Chicago, USA)
Storefront for Art and Architecture (New York, USA)
Stoss Landscape Urbanism (Boston and Los Angeles, USA)
studio chahar in collaboration with The Apprenticeshop (Boston, USA and Tehran, Iran)
Terra Alta (Accra, Ghana)
The Buell Center and AD—WO, Columbia University (New York, USA)
The High Line (New York, USA)
Theatre for One (New York, USA)
Tschabalala Self (New Haven, Conn., USA)
Ugo Rondinone (New York, USA)
Urban Growers Collective - Lead Artist Erika Allen (Chicago, USA)
Vyjayanthi V. Rao & Kush Badhwar (New York, USA)
WOJR (Cambridge, Mass. USA)

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